I am Sarina. Human. Author. Dog Lover. Piano Player.

“Sarina Summers must be an enthusiastic and observant reader…because she has grasped what it takes to be a skillful author. She conceived of an interesting plot, layered in several subplots, created a group of well-drawn characters, fashioned realistic dialogue, and set the scene with some nice descriptive paragraphs.”

“Fedora’s Secret is well thought-out, well-written, with terrific character development and plot. I loved it!”

“This is a full-length novel written by an 11-year-old. I guess that gives you the right to be skeptical. But Fedora’s Secret is a well-crafted and entertaining tale. Any tween would enjoy it and perhaps be inspired by the young author’s success in producing such an engaging and multi-dimensional book.”

About Sarina

At age 11, Sarina finished and published her first book: Fedora’s Secret. She had always wanted to write, so she started to write short stories, for example, about her first two characters: Charlie and Maddie. They went on silly adventures together, and this was how Sarina’s love of writing got started.

When Sarina was 10, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and her state issued a quarantine. They stayed home all the time, and without her usual activities and friends to play with, Sarina picked back up writing Fedora’s Secret because she was bored. Then the journey that any author takes began to unfold.

Fedora’s Secret by Sarina Summers

Fedora’s Secret is my first published novel. Available here for purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P3QTJVL

More About Sarina Summers

First started writing books in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loves the movie “The Parent Trap”

Fosters Dogs

Loves Playing the Piano

Knows how to make cereal (not very impressive, but still!)

If you want to contact me, (I would love to hear from you; I’m a new author and don’t actually know if anyone is reading my books) you can fill out the form below.

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